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The Power of Code

Marel is built on flexible components that are designed to be combined into larger sections and full pages. We provide you with 50+ pre-built pages, but it’s also dead simple to create new pages all your own with ease. Copy-paste components and sections, switch up a handful of SCSS variables, and you have a brand new layout!
HTML 5 CSS3 js JavaScript & jQuery Bootstrap Fancybox 3 jquery
We built Goodkit with the same ethos as Bootstrap itself, meaning customizing and extending our components should be as simple as working with Bootstrap’s core.
Goodkit was designed as a family of components from its inception, which is reflected in both the end result and the original design.

Detailed Documentation

Marel HTML Template comes with detailed documentation in case you need to create and modify advanced source code exported from another source. We offer detailed guides about the Startup code. If you need to learn more about classes, elements, animations, data, styles we use - open the documentation page.
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